Personal / Homemaker Care

We can help provide a safe and clean environment for older adults who are unable to maintain their homes in a suitable manner, and allow them to remain in familiar surroundings.

Homemakers provide light housekeeping duties such as dusting, vacuuming, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, and other similar jobs. Heavy duty cleaning services are not provided.

Home Health Aides provide assistance with the individual’s ADLs & IADLs such as with bathing, dressing, toileting, and will also provide homemaking duties such as laundry, and /or meal preparation.

Staff members are all qualified, experienced & partake in a rigorous training program. Employees are medically approved for service, a criminal record history check as well as a 7 point database check is completed on all employees prior to hire, & all staff are subject to alcohol & drug testing.




Companion care for the elderly is about providing emotional support to older adults who are generally healthy but need a little extra help to remain independent or stay connected with people. Seniors benefit from having someone to talk to and share experiences with on a regular basis. We can provide any level of companionship you desire to achieve a quality of life you need.

One of the most underrated services a home health aide can provide is simple companionship -whether that is playing cards, going on walks or simply a warm smile, it can make all the difference. We all have to deal with loneliness or isolation, but these problems can acutely affect us, as we get older. Companion Care can be a great service to alleviate some loneliness, as well provide some basic help. 


Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care


Dementia is the name for a group of brain disorders that make it hard to remember, think clearly, make decisions, or even control your emotions. Alzheimer’s disease is one of those disorders, but there are many different types and causes of dementia. 

When a family member receives the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or a similar form of dementia or memory loss, the entire family is impacted. It is an emotionally and physically challenging disease for the individual and their loved ones. 

Research has shown that familiar surroundings play an important role in the well-being of those with Alzheimer’s. A move to a nursing facility can trigger confusion, anxiety, stress, and agitation. Our Alzheimer’s care services ensure those with Alzheimer’s are able to remain in the space where they are happiest and most comfortable. 

Our Dementia & Alzheimer’s care program is structured to target & manage the symptoms that come with both conditions. Care is personalized around each client’s needs, with services customized according to your loved one’s symptoms, personality, and routine. Our caregivers approach their work with kindness, patience, and above-and-beyond dedication to the seniors in their care. 

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